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The Economy and Real Estate Market

We are now, and always will be in an ever-changing real estate market.

We are asked many times: When is the best time to buy? Our answer is, NOW. Why now do you ask? Home prices are at their lowest in years, mortgage interest rates are at all time lows, the banks have plenty of money to lend, and there is plenty of product available to buy!

The one thing about South Florida is: They are not making any more waterfront property. The population in the United States, especially along the Eastern Seaboard, has been drawn to the warm, sunny, friendly sands of Florida for decades. Henry Flagler started bringing people down to Florida by the trainloads at the turn or the century, and the floodgates have never stopped. Instead of the train they are coming by the plane, car and bus- load. Florida is especially known to be super friendly to those wishing to avoid burdensome State Taxes. And if you can spare a laugh, we are also known for our “quirky” voting record and politics.

All of which leads us to say—WELCOME TO FLORIDA! Ann Alexander & Associates are certain you will enjoy the life style, and look forward to making your move THE GREATEST REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE YOU WILL EVER HAVE!

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